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“You Can and Must Create Your Own Happiness”

-Jennifer Morris, AMFT

About Jennifer

Hello everyone! I chose this profession because of my connection to knowing what it is like to live with feelings of stress, anger and feelings of sadness that comes out of seemingly nowhere. I can relate to questions of “what is wrong with me and why I overreact to simple things?”


 It is difficult to live a happy and successful life when continually experiencing negative emotions. They can impact relationships among: friends, family, significant others, and other environments you may be in. When left unresolved, much of life’s opportunities may be missed due to not wanting to be a part of it.


Maybe you have already experienced some of this choosing to seek help and manage these difficult times. I dedicated my life to finding healing and answers for myself and I want to help you do the same thing. 

About Therapy

Anyone who wants to find healing can achieve this and therapeutic support can help guide the process. I take a direct and gentle approach to therapy while providing clients the change to experience results at their own pace and in an effective way. To do this, I provide guidance and encourage collaboration on how to proceed while giving individualized recommendations.

My Theoretical Orientation

My primary treatment choice is EMDR therapy however, I am also well trained on CBT and Positive Psychology. I integrate those techniques with the use of EMDR while focusing on the thoughts that are contributing to anxiety and depression. I explore with my clients their strengths, values and setting boundaries which can increase overall happiness and life satisfaction

Who I treat

My passion is to work with children (3+ years), young adults and adults who have experienced trauma, abuse, bullying and who are suffering from anxiety, anger and/or depression. 

Education and Training
Locations, Fees & Insurance
  • Irvine & San Juan Capistrano offices.

  • Individuals $125/50min & $140.00/80min

  • Couples & Families $150/50min & $180/80min.

  • Jennifer accepts Cigna and private pay.


If you would like to learn more about Hanai Center or to learn about our process,
call and schedule a free phone consult.

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