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EMDR Consultation

EMDR Consulting: I am an EMDR Certified therapist through EMDRIA and am currently a consultant in training. Whether you are gaining 15 of your 20 hours needed towards certification or are looking to consult on difficult cases, I am able to offer these services.


Areas of Specialty: I specialize in addiction treatment and am the DeTUR urge reduction trainer. I am able to help your clients move through additional treatment challenges brought on by either being in active addiction or in recovery. Clients may also be the family member of an addict which may require additional support and care.


I also specialize in complex PTSD where clients have experienced prolonged and multiple traumas. Consultation may focus on how to move through each area, set up multiple treatment plans, and targets to go along with each area to support your client in overall healing.


I am completing my consultant training with Dr. Michelle Gottlieb at EMDR Professional Training

Fees & Options
  • Fees: Fees are for 1 hour

  • Individual: $75 and can meet in person or virtually.

  • Group: $50 per person. Group must be at minimum two consultees

  • Payments Accepted: Cash, Venmo, Zelle, Check


  • Meetings: Consultation can be held either in person or virtually and is by appointment only.

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