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My goal is to help people find peace with their past, happiness in their present, and hope for their future.
-Marisa Haley, ACSW

About Marisa

I incorporate strength-based and relational methods to improve and enhance how my clients love, work, and play.  I use an individualized and integrative approach designed to empower and encourage my clients.  I partner with them, in a safe space, to identify goals that will lead to healthier, happier, and more productive lives.  I provide compassionate and empathetic support to help them in achieving these goals.  Ultimately, my values guide my work.  I focus on enjoying life by maintaining healthy relationships and by embracing change through acceptance, creativity, and a good sense of humor.

Experience & Qualifications
  • I have worked with client populations across the mental health care system including families, adults, and older adults.

  • I have considerable experience in crisis work including intervention and assessment, trauma-informed therapy, dispute resolution mediation, and crime victim advocacy.

  • Master’s Concentration: Community Mental Health; Thesis: The Effect of Daily Stress on Mental and Physical Health of Adults

Modalities & Credentials
  • Use of all modalities as needed specific to the client need; however, focus on:

    • Talk therapy

    • CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    • Motivational Interviewing

Locations, Fees & Insurance
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