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"I am not what has happened to me,

I am what I choose to become."
-Carl Jung

About Shirin

I would like to congratulate you on taking an important step to achieve your goals. I am a client-centered and passionate therapist who will empower and encourage you to move toward your happier life. Life can challenge us and you may struggle to manage a healthy balance while dealing with difficulties.

Together we can analyze, brainstorm, and focus on solutions that 
apply to your very unique situation. I can help you navigate your relationship issues and set

achievable realistic goals. If you might need help processing the grief of a loved one, or a relationship I can help. Life transformation and adopting new positive habits are doable. If you are suffering from any health complications, or life issues I got your back. I look forward to seeing you grow and being there for you while we navigate your therapy journey.

I am an associate marriage and family therapist (AMFT) who works with a variety of clients: kids, teens, and adults. I offer my services in both English and Farsi languages.


I have a special interest in anxiety, depression, stress-related issues, self-image, self-esteem, emotional regulation, communication skills, and relationship issues.

  • I have experience working with individuals who had struggled with symptoms of anxiety stress related issues, and depression.

  • I helped individuals set healthy boundaries and have functional and respectful relationships.

  • I have experience helping teens and adults on the autism spectrum with their self-image and communication skills.

  • I have helped teens who suffered from bullying and have school-related issues.

  • I have experience in helping parents with effective parenting and communication skill with their kids and teens.

  • I have experience helping individuals who suffered from racial identity injustice.

  •  I helped women go through phases of life embracing the change through a positive lens.

  • I have helped people go through the healing process with stages of grief and guided them with care on how to maintain a functional and purpose-oriented lifestyle.

Modalities & Credentials
  • I am trained in EMDR and use integrated modalities of motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), narrative therapy, play therapy, art therapy, psychotherapy, and talk therapy.

  • Member of CAMFT: California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

Locations, Fees & Insurance
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